Eden Paupulaire


About me

My family is from Haiti and I grew up in New Jersey. I'm a junior in
the CS Major at Brigham Young University. This website demonstrates
part of the work that I did for my CS 260 Web Programming course.

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Everyone’s cards are up and against their chests. Deception is in the air
and no one can be trusted. Does everyone have what they say they have,
or is it just BS? Sniff out the liars, and they’ll pay the price, but call out the
innocent and the price is yoursto pay.
What will you do? This is BS!
Perhaps you’ve played the card game before? What if this BS fun went
digital, and you could play with friends from your laptop or phone? With
BSOnline, that imagination becomes reality!


Simon Project

This is the basic Simon web app example given to us in the CS 260 course.


Web Programming Assignments


  • Introduction - Basic HTML page example
  • Structure - All the elements for creating page structure
  • Input - All the elements for receiving user input
  • Media - All the elements for rendering media objects